Saturday, January 25, 2014

MoveSAC Artist Feature: Reflective Intelligence

                       REFLECTIVE INTELLIGENCE  photo 600156_670244756324996_859496240_n_zpsf1b335d5.jpg (Artist/songwriter/arranger/engineer) Born in Sacramento, CA. R.I. moved to Dallas, TX at age 6. He grew up loving music at a young age, and was a member of church and school choirs. After entering high school, he began writing poetry and raps as a hobby that quickly parlayed itself into winning local talent shows/competitions. He began to bolster his reputation as a battle MC, routinely appearing in cyphers city-wide. Upon entering college he met Floe Montana and Wydom, successfully completed curriculum for recording engineering, songwriting, music theory, and business of music. As he compiled studio equipment and built his resume he captured the attention of record labels and recording artists, focusing his efforts on songwriting and establishing a catalog. After group efforts, and solo ventures R.I. became a founding member of The Destructikonz.

 photo 521339_10151539261898447_902834529_n_zps9f8f12da.jpg

  With a Group album completed, R.I. is now finishing touches on his Solo Album entitled "Intelligent Reflections" With hard hitting production and personal introspective songs such as "Pick Me Up" and "Victory" he is sure to make any real Music Fan happy. You can link with R.I. with any of these links over the World Wide Web. 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

MoveSAC Artist Feature: B-Smoove

 photo 2beabcb6-a567-49a7-9357-8f83d957a130_zpscedb8a63.jpgB-Smoove, one of the premier artists and moguls on the Sacramento Scene is a man of many talents. As the leader of Cap Biz, he has been the steam behind the City Council Project, featuring several of Sacramento's best artists, and also has a new solo album out now entitled "The Deposit" 

He is most known for hosting a long running Music Showcase called Smoove Nights that gave a platform to several Local as well as Established Artists from different areas. He has recently connected with the Real Freeway Rick Ross who has endorsed many of his newest ventures, to include his new clothing line PushOva Clothing. The line is founded by the mantra of being a Boss and making the decision to Push Til It's Ova.

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The Deposit. Singles "Hustle 101" & "Timeless" now available on iTunes, Google Play & Amazon.

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